Other export products

Sevillian olives

We export Spanish olives produced in Seville´s countryside, a rich region in the Guadalquivir Valley, in the south of Spain. During more than 2000 years, the olive tree has adapted itself to this land to produce not only the best olive oil in the world but also an exquisite variety of table olives, that along with different dressings, have become famous the world over.

  • Varieties: Sevillian manzanilla and Sevillian gordal.
  • Dressings: Brine or seasonings.
  • Packaging:
    – Tank: 1000 liters.
    – Barrels: 300, 100 or 50 liters.
    – Glass/plastic: 1000, 500, 250 and 100.

Balsamic vinegar from Jerez

Our vinegars are produced and aged in the historical wine country of Jerez, where its
wineries have spent centuries distilling the best wines in the world.
Its limestone soil and Mediterranean climate produce a grape with a unique flavor, whose juice when properly extracted, fermented and matured in wooden barrels over years, offers us excellent balsamic vinegars.

  • Varieties: Balsamic 150 and 300 liters, balsamic cream vinegar, sherry vinegar, Pedro Ximenez cream vinegar.
  • Packaging:
    – Tank: 1000 liters.
    – Glass: 1000, 500, 250 and 100 milliliters.

Honey and derivates from Andalusian mountains

Conventional or organic beekeeping, our honey, comes from the Andalusian mountains, where the climate and abundant ecosystem offer a rich and wide floral variety, that guarantees a honey with an intense and natural flavor, without any additives or preservatives.
Our organic honey is completely natural, no manipulating or pasteurizing, in order to maintain all of its benefits and properties.

  • Varieties: Avocado, anise, orange blossom, chestnut, iles, eucalyptus, broom, rosemary and thousand flowers.
  • Derivatives: Pollen, royal jelly and propolis.
  • Packaging:
    – Glass: 500 gr and 1.000 gr.
    – Pet: 2.000 gr.
    – Barrels: 22 kg and 300 kg.

Organic oranges and derivatives

We export citrus fruits and derivatives from the Sevillian countryside, watered by the
Guadalquivir River, where centuries ago the Romans and Muslims extracted their
agricultural riches.

  • Products: Fresh fruit. Organic and natural citric juices directly obtained from the fruit and never from concentrates.
    Jams, pureés and concentrates derived from sweet oranges, bitter oranges, mandarins, lemons, grapefruits, peppers, etc.
  • Packaging fresh fruit:
    – Box 10, 15, 20 kg.
  • Packaging orange juice:
    – Aseptic bags: 3, 5 and 10 liters.
    – Large can/drum: 220 liters.
    – Small cans: 3 and 5 kilograms.
    – For other types, inquire.