The company

Our history

From the heart of Andalusia, where the passage of time and cultures (Phoenicians, Greek, Romans, Muslim, Christian…) has drawn the silhouette of its fields, as a rippling ocean of olive groves with eternal flavor, this project is born: Spanishaurum.

Hundreds of years of history, where our ancestors have taken care of this land and planted and selected the best olive groves, endorse a legacy of which we are today heirs.

The flavour of tradition

Spanishaurum is born of a family of olive growers in the heart of Andalusia, that after countless generations of dedication and experience in the field of olive cultivation, distills wisdom and love towards its precious fruit.

Legacy and progress

Our family legacy, together with ongoing training, result in outputs and adjustments in accordance with the times.

Today we aspire to be the link to the Middle East, where long ago our olives initially came from, to become our most cherished elixir, a selection of the best olive oils,… Spanish Gold.