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Bam Dates

Non pasteurized raw dates, from traditional agriculture. Bam is a famous Iranian city where the most delicious and juicy in the world dates are cultivated, Mazafati dates, exclusives from this singular climate zone and unique because they keep their characteristics during a long period of time without loosing its qualities.
It ́s a medium size date, that has a flat and round form, with a very dark and shiny skin color, almost black.

Dates have organoleptic properties and in them we can find iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, manganese, B3 vitamine, A provitamine or beta carotene.
We are in front of an indisputable energy source and fiber that can help us improve intestinal transit and anemia problems. This fruit acts, likewise, as a physical restorative, it is our best ally when an extra intellectual effort is made and it can contribute to improve our health in lack of appetite, stomach disease or cold episodes.

  • Nutritional value (100 grs.):

Vitamin A
Vitamin K
Vitamin B

18 mg
0,4 mg
0 mg
1,6 mg
35,8 IU
0,6 mcg
0,4 mg
60,1 mg
3,6 mcg
15,4 mg
0,2 mg
14,9 mg
13 mg
0,1 mg
0,1 mg
2 mg

  • Expiration: Two years since the production date indicated in the box.
  • Packaging:
    – Boxes: 12 hermetic packages of 600 grs.
    – Boxes: 20 hermetic packages of 350 grs.


Saffron, east ́s “red gold”, started being cultivated in Persia 4000 years ago, from where it expanded to the rest of the world. In one of the best cultivation and selection traditions mixtures and the most advanced analysis, treatment and packaged technologies, the prestigian iranian company Bahraman, installed in the best saffron-producing region in Iran, obtains the best quality price relation of the market, in a guaranteed product and without doubts about its manipulation and origin.
All international regulations are fulfilled: ISO-3632 and successive. FDA certificates, International Certificate HACCP and ISO 9901.
The certification, origin warranty and analysis documents are available to the customers who request them.

  • Varieties:
    – Tod Neghin (crocin 250). Considered the world ́s best saffron.
    – Sargol All Red (crocin 220). Completely red.
    – Pushali Grade 1 (crocin 200). Best quality/price relation in the market.
    – Ground (crocin 220). Different kinds.
  • Packaging:
    – Hermetic metal boxes, with viewfinder: 250 and 500 grs.
    – Minimum order: 250 grs.
  • Guarantized quality: All the saffron comes packaged from its origin, in the production place.