Olive oil


From the moment the olive is harvested in the field (at the precise moment of its maturity), until the extra virgin oil is bottled, controls are followed to achieve the highest quality of the product.
The olive is transferred to the mill within 6 hours of collection. Upon reception, the immediate grinding at a temperature of 23º C is produced thus obtaining a cold extraction that causes the oil to retain all its aromas, natural antioxidants and unique taste.

Types of our oils:

  • AOVE: The particular quality of our extra virgin olive oil resides in the unique climatic and agronomic conditions of our land. Always looking for an intense balance for a product with personality.
  • BIO: Olive oil from organic agriculture from certified Andalusian olive trees, which in their natural state have not received any artificial treatment. All the aroma and the original flavour of yesteryear.
  • PREMIUM: Gourmet EVOO from early harvest, recently pressed, where all flavor and fragrance of green fruit burst in balance before our senses. Picual and Picuda coupage of the Subbéticas mountain ranges (Córdoba), an irreproachable combination, for a unique product.
    Unfiltered olive oil from early green olives maintaining all of the essence. Intense fruit-flavored fresh green olives, which provide:

    • Hints of freshly cut grass.
    • Fruity hints of apple and banana.
    • Fresh hints of aromatic plants.

In the mouth it first tastes sweet, with some bitterness followed by a mild stinging. Its aftertaste clearly tastes of banana, almond and artichoke. A magnificent complex and mild juice, recommended for use directly on toast as well as in salads and in other cold seasonings.

The cold extraction causes the oil to retain all its aromas, natural antioxidants and unique taste


The singularity of our oil lies in the origin of the varieties selected for its production. The output of our olives coupled with the careful cold extraction grinding process, as well as the storage of the oils in INOX oxygenless deposits, allows our products to arrive in the best possible conditions to our customers.

The unique quality of our extra virgin olive oil consists in the special climatic and agronomic conditions of our land. It is these conditions, together with the qualities of the selected varieties, the rigorous work and the early harvest, which determine the organoleptic characteristics of our oils: Oils that are more intense and vigorous, fresh, fruity, with touches of tomato, almond, freshly cut grass with a slight tingling and bitterness, combined with a smooth and harmonious texture.